Mempro™ Nanodisc Preparation

Creative Biostructure has focused on Nanodisc technology for years,our team has established an advanced Mempro™ Nanodisc preparation platform to provide various services including design, synthesis and immobilization, etc. Scientists from Creative Biostructure are confident in providing high-quality Mempro™ Nanodisc preparation services to meet all your demands.

Nanodiscs are soluble nanoscale phospholipid bilayers, which are composed of membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs). Nanodiscs can maintain membrane proteins in solution, and offer an inartificial nature phospholipid bilayer environment in which the incorporated target keeps stable. Nanodiscs are being used to study isolation, purification and solubilization of membrane proteins and also is an advanced tool to learn interacting companions of membrane embedded molecules.

Mempro™ Nanodisc Preparation Services
Figure 1. Illustrations of Nanodisc structures. (FEBS Letters 2010)

  • Mempro™ Nanodisc Design Services

    The MSP used for generating Nanodiscs is based on the sequence of human serum apolipoprotein AI. A bilayer domain is formed by the combined phospholipid, meanwhile, the edges of the discoidal structure are warped around by two molecules of MSP in a belt-like configuration. To get highly homogeneous Nanodiscs, a specific ratio of phospholipid to MSP is necessary during the assembly process based on the MSP belt-length/Nanodisc diameter. The detergent used for initial solubilization is important as well, of which sodium cholate is commonly used. This detergent is perfect for the lipid fraction and generally present at a 2:1 mole ratio to total PL, or higher. Creative Biostructure can design Nanodisc in various sizes with our Mempro™ Nanodisc design services.

  • Mempro™ Nanodisc Synthesis Services

    Nanodiscs are assembled by a compound of detergent/phospholipid micelles and MSPs. In all cases, the assembly process is begun by removal of detergent, and the removal process is usually achieved by dialysis or treatment with porous polystyrene beads. Besides, it’s both detergent and temperature-dependent when removing the detergent by beads. Creative Biostructure provides various Nanodisc synthesis services with the accumulated experience, we can perform Nanodisc with highly suitable temperature, ratio of phospholipid to MSP and ideal detergent.

  • Mempro™ Nanodisc Immobilization Services

    The ability of modifying the MSP sequence and sticking on different tags at particularly engineered sites offers probability for the immobilization of membrane bilayers and membrane-associated molecules for affinity chromatography media and measurements on protein chips. Through this immobilization, membrane and its receptors are part of the vesicles bound by hydrophobic or specific anchoring through binding of molecules built-in the phospholipid bilayer.

  • Mempro™ Peptide Nanodisc Services

    In peptide nanodiscs, the lipid bilayer is covered by amphipathic peptides take the place of two MSPs. Peptide nanodiscs have a similar structure as MSP nanodiscs and usually their peptides align in a double belt. Peptide nanodiscs present a higher polydispersity when stabilise membrane proteins, however have a less structural stability than MSP nanodiscs.

Creative Biostructure provides other various Mempro™ Nanodisc technology services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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