Applications for Protein Engineering

With state-of-art facilities and seasoned scientists in protein evolution and protein engineering, Creative Biostructure can offer a variety of protein engineering applications for customers’ specific projects, including food industry applications, detergent industry applications (proteases), environmental applications, medical applications, biopolymer production applications, nanobiotechnology applications, applications with redox proteins and enzymes, and applications with various industrially important enzymes, etc.

Creative Biostructure provides customers with the excellent protein synthesis services and protein engineering related services, from mutant library construction through antibody engineering, including large scale expression, purification, and crystallization.

Protein engineering is the process of modifying the structures of proteins and assigns them new and/or desirable properties in terms of activity, solubility, affinity, stability, specificity, resistance, etc. Therefore, it can speed up the rate of protein development.

Applications for Protein Engineering Figure 1. Antibody library screening cycle. (Annu. Rev. Biomed. Eng., 2000)

Main applications of protein engineering Creative Biostructure can provide, including but not limited to:

Creative Biostructure has strong expertise in custom protein expression, protein crystallization and structure determination services. Creative Biostructure uses high-intensity synchrotron radiation to obtain high-resolution X-ray diffraction data for lead optimization of small and macromolecules.

Based on protein evolution and engineering platform, Creative Biostructure can generate and select plenty of protein mutants. We then provide a variety of protein expression and purification options and has improved he development of several improvements in protein expression and purification technologies for high-throughput protein mutants services.

Creative Biostructure has been a leader in commercializing a comprehensive panel of methodologies in mapping both linear and conformational epitopes of monoclonal antibodies. We can provide the best epitope mapping identification services for the target antibodies modified by our antibody engineering.

  • Antidoby engineering

Together with our sister company, Creative Biolabs, Creative Biostructure’s antibody engineering technologies combine the best attributes of deimmunization and humanization techniques to minimise the immunogenic potential of biopharmaceutical product candidates. Our antibody engineering services include affinity maturation, epitope/paratope mapping, chimeric antibody modification, protein-antibody conjugation and antibody affinity measurement (bioassays and bioanalytics).

Based on our advanced custom in vitro recombination and other mutagenesis libraries services, we can engineer enzymes to fulfill customers‘ specific demands. Natural enzymes are able to catalyze reactions with up to 1017-fold rate accelerations and excellent stereo-selectivities. Our customized services include the whole value chain of enzyme development: high-throughput screening for desired enzyme properties (such as enzyme activity enhancement, enzyme stability enhancement, and substrate specificity improvement, etc.)

Creative Biostructure also provides Membrane Protein Platform and Phage Display Platform for your specific projects. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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