Liposome Production

Liposomes are considered as the most common and well-investigated drug carriers with significant clinical implications for the delivery of anti-tumor, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Having advanced preparation technologies for various liposomes, Creative Biostructure established multifunctional liposome platforms to support all types of research in drug development.

Liposomal drug delivery systems have been shown beneficial for stabilizing therapeutic compounds, improving biodistribution at target sites, prolonging circulation time, and minimizing systemic toxicity. Their flexible properties and functions can be manipulated to address different delivery considerations by modifying liposome formulations. Our liposome production platforms tailor the design and preparation of various liposomes to meet delivery demands across different applications:

Using phospholipids from natural and synthetic sources, we manufacture high quality NPL immunoliposomes. Our NPL technology provides an alternative carrier with lower toxicity allowing for a higher accumulative dose.

Multivesicular liposomes encapsulate drugs with greater efficiency, ensure a better controlled and prolonged drug release. We can also customize multivesicular liposomes to support the further study requires frequent multiple administrations.

Thermally sensitive liposomes deliver drugs to the targeted region and release them when local hyperthermia is applied. Therefore, it is a promising tool for site-specific chemotherapy. We offer production services for thermally sensitive liposomes to facilitate precise treatment both in intravascular and extravascular regions.

Targeted drug release by photo-activated liposomes is induced by exposure to light with a specific wavelength. The technology is suitable for sustained and on demand drug delivery capability. We can manufacture various kinds of photo-activated liposomes, such as light-induced oxidation liposomes and photocleavable liposomes.

Compared to other liposomes, transferosomes are mainly used in transdermal drug delivery system due to its higher lipid bilayer flexibility and permeability, which facilitate liposomes to deform and pass through narrow constriction to underlying viable skins. Our expertise supports transferosome production for non-invasive therapeutic uses.

  • Ethosome Production

Ethosomes is one of the approaches for increasing skin penetrating by high ethanol contents which facilitate drug encapsulated ethosomes to permeate easily inside the deep skin layers. We produce ethosomes to meet applications in pharmaceuticals, veterinary, and cosmetic fields.

Pharmacosomes are amphiphilic phospholipids complexes of drugs bearing active hydrogens and bound to phospholipids via hydrogen bonds. They are suitable for delivery of poorly soluble drugs with minimized degradation and increased bioavailability. We provide pharmacosome production to enhance the solubility for both hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs.

Cyclodextrin-based liposomes can deliver volatile and hydrophobic drugs with better therapeutic effects. We provide this double-loading technique to provide an access to explore their applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.

Nanoliposomes refer to nanoscale lipid vesicles which possesses the same physical, structural, thermodynamic properties as normal liposomes. We manufacture nano-sized liposomes with advanced biocompatibility and biodegradability to support potential applications in nanotherapy, food industry, cosmetics, and agriculture.

In contrast to conventional symmetric liposomes mentioned above, asymmetric liposomes mimic the natural membranes characterized with different lipid composition in inner and outer leaflets. This good bio-similarity enhances the use of asymmetric liposomes as drug carriers, especially for anti-tumor therapy.

Unilamellar vesicular liposomes with incorporated lipophilic drug Figure 1. Unilamellar vesicular liposomes with incorporated lipophilic drugs.

Features of our services

  • Liposome preparation: Using our incomparable liposome technologies, we produce customized liposomes with specific properties in demand.
  • Efficiency analysis: Based on our professional knowledge in liposome analysis and characterization, we can offer precise assays for liposomes. Parameter characterizations include visual appearance, size distribution, stability, Zeta potential, lamellarity, entrapment efficiency, and release rate.

Creative Biostructure is your reliable partner in studying of novel drug delivery systems. We will support you with superb expertise, advanced equipment, and satisfactory customer service.

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Ordering Process


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