Co-crystals, which retain the unique crystalline structures with their multiple components, have become a very important subject of study in the field of pharmaceuticals (i.e., drug discovery & design). Creative Biostructure provides high-quality services to streamline the procedures of protein preparation, co-crystal generation and structure determination with the UniCrys™ X-ray crystallization platform.

Workflow of  co-crystallization services Figure 1. Workflow of co-crystallization services

Prior to protein complex preparation, biophysical experiments are usually required to quantify binding affinities between a protein and its ligands (e.g., proteins, DNA/RNA, chemical compounds, metal ions, etc.). Such quantification can be performed by either our protein analysis service or customers.

For co-crystal preparation, strategies like co-crystallization and soaking are employed with all important variables carefully tested: 1) methods for ligand addition into the protein sample; 2) incubation period; 3) effects of additive components, etc. As the conditions for binding assays and crystallization trials vary, extensive protocol optimization will be carried out for obtaining diffraction-quality crystals.

Co-crystal generation methods
• Co-expression
• Co-purification
• Co-crystallization
• Soaking

High-quality crystals and synchrotron light sources produce high-resolution co-crystal structures, which provide high-value insights into the binding mechanism and facilitate the drug design process. At Creative Biostructure, a variety of techniques are used for the accurate structure determination with refined electron density maps of the ligand molecules plotted (see Protein Crystallization and Structure Determination).

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

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