Nano-Liposomes Formulation Production

Creative Biostructure is engaged in working with nanoliposomes to offer an alternative in drug delivery systems. Our nano-liposomal formulation technology has served hundreds of research projects and several commercialized drugs.

How Nano-liposomes Work

Nanoliposomes (or nano particles) have been exclusively referred to nanoscale lipid vesicles which possesses the same physical, structural, thermodynamic properties as normal liposomes while the size of nanoliposomes is smaller than 200nm in order to avoid rapid degradation and clearance by liver macrophages. Nanoliposomes can also provide slow drug release, resulting in enhanced efficacy by sustained exposure to target site. In general, compared to other liposomal encapsulation, nano-sized delivery systems provide larger surface, increased solubility, improved bio-availability, and better controlled release, as well as active targeting.

Nano-liposomes Applications

With advanced biocompatibility and biodegradability, nanoliposomes have a vast range of potential applications, including nanotherapy (e.g. diagnosis, cancer therapy, gene delivery), food additives, cosmetics, and agriculture. Various formulations of nanoliposomes have been used in drug delivery or in drug development. In addition, their applications have expanded to carry nutrients, enzymes, and food preservatives.

Creative Biostructure has successfully developed formulation technology for nanoliposomes, which offers customized services for all types of research. Key services of our nano-liposomal formulation technology are listed below:

  • Manufacturing: design, optimize, and produce nanoliposomes. Production available from mL level to scale up.
  • Compositions: formulation optimization using high quality lipids with good biocompatibility.
  • Size Control: customizable sizes from 30-70 nanometers with high uniformity.
  • Stability Maintain: pH stability that tolerates as low as pH 1.0, thermal stability at 80-100 centigrade, and mechanical stability.
  • Encapsulation: Manage high encapsulation efficiency of various bioactive materials.
  • Parameter Characterization: visual appearance, size distribution, stability, zeta potential, lamellarity, entrapment efficiency, and release rate.

Nano-Liposomes Formulation ProductionFigure 1. Transmission electron microscopy of DHA and EPA loaded nanoliposomes (Iran J Pharm Res. 2014)

In addition to the focus on the preparation of nano-liposomes with the desired composition, size, surface charge and other properties, Creative Biostructure also pays close attention to the rapid turnaround and top-quality service. Please contact us for the details of our technology and find out how it helps to the new product development.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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