LF-NMR/TD-NMR Services

Low-field nuclear magnetic resonance,also named LF-NMR or TD-NMR, is a magnetic resonance technology based on direct fitting of the signal time-dependency. TD-NMR is usually measured and analyzed by T1 and T2 relaxation time, which is an advanced characterization method. The test process is fast and nondestructive. At present, time-domain NMR has been widely used in scientific research and industrial quality control (QA/QC), application fields across food, agriculture, materials science, petroleum energy, and nanomedicine. It can be used for solid fat content (SFC) test, seed oil content test, fiber oil rate test, material aging and crosslinking, quantitative body fat test in living animals, etc.

TD-NMR mainly obtains the interaction between molecules, such as liquid water and ice, and the relaxation time of the H atom is significantly different. Obviously, the interaction of the H atom in ice is stronger and the relaxation time is shorter.

LF-NMR/TD-NMR Services

TD-NMR is mainly used in scientific research and industrial fields, most of which are used in scientific research:

  • In the field of food and agriculture: TD-NMR can be used to measure the oil moisture content of oil seeds and the solid fat content of agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, livestock, seafood, dairy products and other SFC.
  • Life science field: TD-NMR can be used for quantitative and qualitative research of polymer materials (elastic materials, such as rubber, non-metallic composite materials, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, organic fiber, etc.), functional membrane materials, nanoparticles, gels, and other porous materials. Among them, quantification includes crosslinking density, rubber and plasticizer content, ratio of hard and soft segments, fluorine content, etc. Qualitative including curing, curing, aging process, degradation process, hygroscopic process. In addition, there are performance studies: particle polymer compatibility, particle surface modification, material adsorption performance, polymer competitive adsorption, hydrophilic and hydrophobic characterization, dispersion performance, etc.
  • Medical field: preclinical research, tumor size analysis; polycrystalline aggregate structure determination, qualitative and quantitative analysis of phase structure in polycrystalline materials; determination of average grain size and particle size distribution; determination of the relationship between grain groups.

At present, we can provide you with TD-NMR test services, with rapid and accurate detection, without the need for complex sample pre-treatment, no shielding room (military additional costs), and no refrigerant. Also, imaging technology is more intuitive.

Advantages of TD-NMR:

  • No damage
  • No intrusion
  • No radiation
  • Quickly and accurately
  • Dynamic observation
  • Can provide quantitative information

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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