Custom Library Design and Construction Service

Creative Biostructure provides the most cost-effective and time-saving custom protein library design and construction service for protein evolution and engineering research as well as other applications. With state-of-the-art technologies and experienced science teams in the field of protein evolution and engineering, Creative Biostructure offers advanced design and construction services of all kinds of protein libraries for various applications.

cDNA Library

The cDNA library is a combination of cloned cDNA fragments that are inserted into certain vectors. These vectors are then further inserted into a collection of chosen host cells. These cDNA fragments are produced from fully transcribed mRNAs that are obtained from nucleus. The cDNA library forms part of transcriptome of the organism. The cDNA library does not have introns. It is a powerful tool for the isolation of genes that code for mRNA. With our advanced techniques, Creative Biostructure generates cDNA libraries in all kinds of available vectors using fewer mRNA samples. The library can be also further amplified at your requirement. 

Figure 1. Formation of a cDNA library Figure 1. Formation of a cDNA library

Genomic DNA Library

Creative Biostructure can provide custom low-input genomic DNA library construction services to meet your special requirements. Genomic DNA library contains fragments of total genomic DNA that are isolated from single organisms. The DNA fragments are stored in a combination of certain identical vectors. The genomic DNA library is a representative of the entire genome. Genomic DNA library is applied for the sequencing of organism genomes, and the compare of genes or proteins between different organisms at genome level. Genes can also be isolated from genomic DNA libraries for further research on both mammalian cell lines and animal models.

Protein Sequence Library

The protein sequence library is a database that contains sequences of certain target proteins from different sources or organisms. Protein sequence libraries are powerful tools to study the differences of biological structure and functions between homologous proteins from different sources. Creative Biostructure's custom protein sequence library construction services can provide you the sequence libraries targeting at one or multiple proteins for structural researches, function researches and protein evolution analysis as well as other applications. 

Figure 2. A highly parallel assay for exploring protein sequence-function relationships. Figure 2. A highly parallel assay for exploring protein sequence-function relationships.

Protein Structural Library

Creative Biostructure provides custom protein structural library construction services with our state-of-art statistical and analysis software and years of experience in library construction. The protein structural library is a database that contains structural information of certain one or multiple proteins from different sources including secondary structures, back-bone fragments, 3D structures and models. It has been applied in various structural researches and evolution researches. These databases can be further analyzed according to your requirements. 

Creative Biostructure also provides other custom protein evolution and engineering services with high quality and lower cost. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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