Custom Size-Exclusion Chromatography Service

Creative Biostructure provides custom Size-exclusion Chromatography (SEC) Service for biology macromolecule purification.

Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC), also called Gel Filtration Chromatography, is a widely applied separation technique based on the size of bio-macromolecules. SEC can be used to separate many kinds of bio-molecules including but not limited to recombinant proteins, enzymes and antibodies, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, etc. Through SEC, the components of samples are separated by their different molecular size as they pass the SEC medium filled in a column. Unlike other kinds of chromatography (for example: ion-exchange chromatography (IEX) or affinity chromatography (AC), SEC doesn't need the binding reaction between sample components and chromatographic medium to proceed the separation, so the sample buffer components don't affect the separation directly. What's more, buffer, temperature, pH value and other conditions can be varied to suit different kinds of samples or for further purification requirements. SEC can be performed directly before or behind other chromatography.

Custom Size-Exclusion Chromatography Service Figure 1. Size-exclusion chromatography (also called gel filtration).

SEC is an ideal method for samples that are sensitive to changes of buffer conditions such as metal ion concentration, pH value, etc. To perform SEC, a packed bed is established by packing the size exclusion medium into an SEC column. The packed SEC column is equilibrated with SEC buffer to maintain the space between the medium particles and the pores of the matrix were totally filled with SEC buffer. Samples are injected into the column and then they flowing pass the packed bed, during which the separation occurs. Components of samples are eluted isocratically without using different buffers. SEC can be performed in the cold room or 37°C to meet the requirements of experiments. Biology macromolecules can be collected in any SEC buffer with the presents of cofactors, detergents, essential metal ions, denaturants, etc.  

With years of experience on macromolecule purification, Creative Biostructure provides custom size-exclusion chromatography service with high quality for various kind of bio-macromolecule purification. Various purification systems such as AKTA and Bio-Rad are available to choose. Our science team will establish optimal SEC strategies for individual cases to provide you the best experiment result.

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Ordering Process


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