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As one of the world’s leading suppliers of gene design, Creative Biostructure has established a codon optimization platform for customers to achieve the highest possible levels of productivity in any given expression system.

Because of the wild-type foreign genes have not been evolved for optimum expression in the host, ordinary methods of protein expression usually lead to insufficiently expressing recombinant protein. When encoding the amino acids, synonymous codons are not identical utilized, which leads to the phenomenon of codon usage bias. However, codon usage bias has been indicated to connect with gene expression level and this bias has been suggested as an essential design parameter for improving recombinant protein production in heterologous expression hosts.

Codon usage optimization primarily refers to change the rare codons in the target gene. Generally, highly expressed genes in prokaryotic genomes under translational selection own an apparent codon usage bias. This is due to the use of small subset of codons recognized by the most abundant tRNA species. If the codons of a gene are seldom used, the expression level of which will not be maximal, thus, this probably is a limitation of heterologous protein expression and the progress of DNA vaccines.

Figure 1. General codon optimization workflow. Figure 1. General codon optimization workflow.

Creative Biostructure has cumulative years of experience in gene synthesis and codon optimization. Our team can provide several approaches of codon optimization, such as a monitored random means based on a Monte Carlo algorithm, ‘one amino acid–one codon’ approach and a new way designed to maximize the optimization with the minimum changes in the query sequence.

Advantages of Creative Biostructure’s Codon Optimization:

Observably increase protein expression: our codon optimization platform can hold numerous variables to be simultaneously accounted for during the optimization process.

Effectual results in the most difficult sequences: Creative Biostructure’s progressive algorithms optimize extremely repeated sequences, especially long sequences, which contain many parameters for improving protein expression.

Integrated usage chart for optimization in any host: Creative Biostructure has widely collected codon usage tables, which are available for you to do codon optimization in any host, any time for either basic research or industrial applications.

DNA vaccine design: Creative Biostructure offers efficient solutions to your vaccine demands, for example, screening and optimizing parameters referred to monitoring vaccinal gene expression and immunogenicity.

Creative Biostructure provides a full range of protein engineering and analysis services for your specific projects, including protein evolution and mutagenesis libraries construction. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project!

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

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