Custom Affinity Chromatography Service

Creative Biostructure provides custom affinity chromatography service for advanced protein purification.

Affinity Chromatography (AC) is an advanced chromatography method that performs the separation and purification by reversible affinity interaction between target proteins and affinity function groups (or ligands) of AC mediums. It provides high selectivity, high resolution, high recovery of activity and high capacity for target natural or recombinant proteins. As a unique technique in protein purification, AC is the only method that based on the biological structure and function of target proteins. Purification and separation with AC can often be successfully achieved when other chromatography methods are time-consuming, difficult or even impossible. This technique is ideal for a first step or intermediate step in a purification strategy.

Custom Affinity Chromatography Service Fig.1 Affinity chromatography involves three major steps: loading, separation, and elution

With the most advanced AC technique and years of experience in the field of purification, Creative Biostructure now can provide custom affinity chromatography service. Our science team will develop unique AC protocol for each individual case. We will analysis the molecule of your interest, and choose the suitable coupling method, AC medium matrix, ligand and spacer arm to maintain the target protein can be interacted with the ligand selectively and reversibly. Various ligands and spacer arms are available in Creative Biostructure to meet different experimental requirements including but not limited to: proteins, peptides, amino acids, sugars, poly-nucleotides, antibodies, coenzymes, steroids, etc.

Creative Biostructure also provides other kinds of protein purification services, especially for membrane protein, including but not limited to:

Size-Exclusion Chromatography
Ion-Exchange Chromatography
Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
Reversed Phase Chromatography

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project!

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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