X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) Analysis

X-rays are the light radiation produced by the transition of electrons in the inner layer of atoms under the bombardment of fast-moving electrons. Vibrating electrons are the wave sources of secondary X-rays, whose wavelength and phase are the same as the incident light. Based on the periodicity of crystal structure, the scattered waves of each electron in the crystal interfere with each other and superimpose each other, which is called diffraction.

Bragg's Law can be applied to meet the diffraction conditions:


D is the crystal plane spacing, θ is the Angle between the incident X-ray and the corresponding crystal plane, λ is the wavelength of the X-ray, and n is the diffraction order, which means that diffraction occurs only when the optical path difference between the two adjacent crystal planes is n times the wavelength of the X-ray. The above equation shows that when the geometrical relationship between the crystal plane and the X-ray satisfies the above, the X-ray diffraction intensity will strengthen each other.

The optical path diagram of XRD is shown as follows:

The optical path diagram of XRD

XRD main uses:

  • Polycrystalline aggregate structure determination: qualitative and quantitative analysis of phase structure in polycrystalline materials, determination of average grain size and particle size distribution, and determination of the relationship between grain groups.
  • Determination of crystal structure and molecular structure: XRD can determine the structure, size and symmetry of a crystal cell; The position of each atom within the crystal cell can be marked, and the relationship between the atoms within the molecule can be determined.
  • Measurement of the microstructure in the crystal: XRD can destroy all kinds of periodic defects, such as microstrain, inversion domain, etc.

X ray powder diffraction

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