Rational Design

Creative Biostructure performs rational design for protein engineering based on the understanding of the target protein’s structures and the correlated properties. Our professional protein engineering group with their advanced techniques can offer customers the full development cycle of rational design. In rational design, structure determination of the target protein is a critical step.

The workflow of rational design:

Rational Design

Up to now, there are various recombinant proteins making up the majority of approved nano-biotechnological medicines including (1) protein vaccines, (2) protein diagnostics, (3) therapeutics with special targeting activity and (4) therapeutics with enzymatic or regulatory activity. Now recombinant technology has become critical for the development of novel protein therapeutics with designed properties.

To generate proteins via rational design can confer and control the functions, improving the understanding of protein structure-function relationship. The approach of rational design is based on the concept that there are an increasing number of protein`s structures, biochemical data, reliable models and computational methods are available. The rational design of proteins ranges from hypothesis driven modification of proteins by inspection to advanced computer-aided designs. In rational design, the knowledge of the given protein can be obtained by X-ray crystallography, NMR, EM, etc. Based on which, the interaction between the sequence and structure is developed. Computational protein design (CPD) methods are practical tools for identifying amino acid sequences that enhance protein stability, modify binding specificity, or increase protein solubility.

In many researches, rational design is often used with directed evolution which makes relatively small changes to existing proteins. Directed evolution mimics the natural evolution and harness the power of mutation and natural selection. This combination offers the exciting promise of generating libraries containing a high frequency of sequences with the desired functional properties. In recent years, there are notable advances in rational design of proteins which will definitely promote the next generation of tailored biological therapeutics and biologics.

Popular strategies used for protein engineering:

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Ordering Process


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