Exosome Proteomics

Creative Biostructure has long been focused on the research of diverse delivery systems. The exosome transporting system is an essential part of our service. Based on a comprehensive understanding exosomes, we offer professional exosome related services to support your research.

The Importance of exosome proteomics analysis

Exosomes play vital roles in medical research. Almost all cell types, including tumor cells, can produce and release exosomes. More importantly,the encapsulated cargos (proteins, RNA, and lipids) of exosomes not only act as important mediums in intercellular communications, but also have specialized functions in coagulation and water management. The content and function of exosomes vary a lot in different tissues and cell types. For example, in tumor cells, exosomes are involved in tumorigenesis, growth, invasion, and metastasis. Therefore, Exosomes can be used as biomarkers and therapies alike in the early clinical diagnosis, providing efficacy evaluation and prognosis analysis of the disease. Creative Biostructure offers professional solutions for exosome proteomics characterization. Our one-stop exosome proteomics analysis service (Figure 1) includes:

  • Isolation and collection of exosomes. We provide a variety of technologies to treat different cell samples to help customers get high quality exosomes with less non-specific proteins. These technologies include ultracentrifugation, density gradient centrifugation, ultrafiltration, and magnetic bead immunization.
  • Identification of exosomes. The size and morphology can be assesed using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) or nanosight. The size distribution profile of exosomes can be estimated by the dynamic light scattering (DLS). We also provide western blot assay to identify the exosome markers.
  • Exosome proteomics analysis. LC-MS/MS mass spectrometry is a popular method used to analyze the protein in exosome to get potential biomarker.
  • Validation of proteins by bioinformatics analysis. Our bioinformatics scientists are committed to providing professional and reliable protein validation by protein/gene annotation and other related analysis.

Exosome Proteomics ServicesFigure 1 Schematic diagram for exosome proteomics analysis from human saliva. (Sun et al., 2018)

Creative Biostructure is your reliable partner in exploration of exosomes’ functions and mechanism. Our one-stop solution for exosome proteomics analysis includes pre-consulting, isolation method selection, data collection, and professional comparison and analysis. Our service quality is beyond other competitors and featured with:

  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Competitive prices
  • Detailed and proficient communication for program design
  • Raw data and comprehensive analytical report

We will insist on providing first-in-class service in the future. Please contact us for more details and find out how it helps your research.

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Ordering Process


  1. Sun, Y.; et al. Comparative proteomic analysis of exosomes and microvesicles in human saliva for lung cancer. Journal of Proteome Research. 2018, 17(3): 1101-1107.
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