Liposomes in Drug Delivery

With years of experience in liposome production and development, Creative Biostructure has established a proprietary liposome platform to accommodate the increasing demand of novel liposome preparations. The application of liposomes to facilitate drug delivery has already had an incredible impact on many biochemical and biomedical areas. The scientists at Creative Biostructure have gleaned extensive experience in all types of lipid nanoparticle systems, and are dedicated to help the clients find better and cheaper solutions.

Why use liposomes in drug delivery?

Applications of liposome-based formulations and products cover a wide variety of delivery systems as they are able to incorporate a series classes of substances such as anticancer drugs, antiviral, antibacterial, hormones, enzymes, steroids, nucleotides, peptides, proteins and bronchodilators. Liposomes are characterized as an advanced technology to deliver active molecules to the site of action with reduced side effects and enhanced efficacy, which is particularly vital for tumors and inflammations therapy. Advanced liposome delivery undertakes a highly engineered approach that, by tailoring constituent bilayer lipid compositions, lamellarity, bilayer curvature, as well as surface modification, enables active or passive targeting with excellent precision. These modified liposomes can increase circulation time (e.g. stealth liposomes), improve delivery of poorly soluble drugs (e.g. pharmacosomes), and enhance their elasticity through skin penetration (e.g. transferosomes and ethosomes). With the advancement of technologies in medicine, liposomes are expected to play an even more important role in battling with difficulties in formulation development of drug delivery.

Schematic representation showing the advantages of formulating drugs in liposomes.Figure 1. Schematic representation showing the advantages of formulating drugs in liposomes. (Pharmaceutics 2017)

There are some commercialized liposomal drug delivery applications such as amphotericin-B and paclitaxels. We can provide quality service to support our clients for their liposomal drug delivery formulation development.

  • Design and manufacture customized liposomal drug formulation.
  • Liposome and encapsulated drug characterization.
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics study of liposomal drug in vivo and in vitro.

Besides drug delivery, our advanced liposome platform has been successfully used in a wide range of application fields such as cosmetics, cancer therapy, gene therapy, and food industry. We ensure you the best products and first-class services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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Ordering Process


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