Mempro™ Nanodisc Production

Creative Biostructure can provide custom Mempro™ Nanodisc production services including pre-assembled nanodisc from different species, such as human and mouse. Based on our first-class Mempro™ Membrane protein production platform, we can provide a thorough discussion and counselling of your project, so that the methods used provide optimal conditions to your target protein. You can book any service package on its own, or in conjunction with others.

Lipid–protein nanodiscs (LPNs) of different lipid compositions have been compared with traditional membrane mimicking media such as micelles, bicelles and liposomes through their capability to support cell-free synthesis of Integral Membrane Proteins (IMPs) in a solubilized and folded state.

As compared to the cell-based synthesis systems, nanodiscs production system represent obvious advantages:
This technology permits easy production of toxic proteins, significantly simplifies expression of the selectively proteins with labeling for their biochemical and structural research studies and allows a direct addition of the specific reagents or co-factors to the reaction mixture (RM), which accelerates the generation of the native conformation of the synthesized protein and promotes its stability in solution.

  • Custom pre-assembled nanodisc production

    The most important factors for the optimal assembly of membrane proteins into nanodiscs include the lipid-protein stoichiometry and the careful choice of detergent and temperature. Creative Biostructure has attempted to form custom nanodiscs with a new lipid composition and incorporate membrane proteins into nanodiscs by empirically adjusting the ratio of the components to achieve a maximum yield of nanodiscs.

  • Membrane scaffold proteins in nanodiscs

    Creative Biostructure can provide a variety of purified MSPs (with or without His-tag) which are able to assemble into custom nanodiscs with varying sizes. You can easily detect the his-tagged MSPs of the nanodiscs for characterization, but if your targeted protein which contains His-tag itself, untagged MSPs are recommended. Mouse homologue membrane scaffold proteins are also available because human MSPs might interfere with certain cases sometimes such as immunization of mice with human antigens.

  • Assembly kits for nanodisc

    Creative Biostructure can provide a series of Mempro™ Nanodisc Assembly Kits composed by different membrane scaffold proteins and different phospholipids. You can use these kits to achieve custom nanodiscs of varying sizes with the desired membrane proteins. We also provide His-tagged MSPs to allow the easy detection.

Mempro™ Nanodisc Technology is a promising tool to study the structures, functions and characterizations of membrane proteins. There are a wide range of applications based on this technology. Creative Biostructure can offer both custom services and products for Mempro™ Nanodiscs. Please see the related sections below for more information and feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

E.N. Lyukmanova etal, Lipid–protein nanodiscs for cell-free production of integral membrane proteins in a soluble and folded state: Comparison with detergent micelles, bicelles and liposomes, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1818 (2012) 349–358

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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