Mempro™ Liposome Technology

Creative Biostructure has focused on the development of liposome technology for years, and our rich experience makes the difference. We have established an outstanding and  comprehensive liposome technology platform with our scientific team, and the ultimate goal of this platform is to provide you the best liposome services all the way from custom liposome design, preparation, analysis to the application.

Mempro™ Liposome Technology
Figure 1. Different types of liposomes in drug delivery systems. (Frontiers in Pharmacology, 2015)

Liposome is made of small artificial spherical vesicles which can be created from natural non-toxic phospholipids and cholesterols. Creative Biostructure has developed the Mempro™ Liposome Technology which has plenty of advantages as follows:
1) Non-toxicity, biocompatible, and completely biodegradable,
2) Increasing drug efficacy,
3) Site avoidance effect,
4) Increasing stability via encapsulation process,
5) Reducing the toxicity of encapsulated drugs,
6) Flexibility for active targeting.

Novel liposome design becomes more and more popular because we can manipulate the solubility of encapsulated small organic molecules, protect the embedded agents from degradation, and achieve site-specific delivery. Creative Biostructure provides novel liposome formulations to both academic and industrial clients, and our functional liposomes includes immunoliposomes, proteoliposomes, magnetic liposomes, fluorescent liposomes, and pH sensitive liposomes, etc.

Properties of lipid formulations can be different depended on the composition, while the liposome preparation methods can be the same regardless of the composition. The general 4-step process to prepare liposome involves of drying down the lipids, dispersing the lipids, purifying the liposome and analyzing the final product. Creative Biostructure is able to prepare liposomes in different methods including sonication, ultrasonication, french pressure cell: extrusion, membrane extrusion and lipid film hydration, etc.

Creative Biostructure has rich experience in analytical method developments as well.  We can provide various liposome analysis services to characterize liposome-based product and measure the embedding efficiency.

Thanks to its size and both the hydrophobic and hydrophilic characters, liposome is considered as a promising technology for drug delivery, moreover, liposome has  achieved more clinical acceptance by the ability of long circulation residence times. In recent years, liposome technology has successfully been applied in a broad range of pharmaceutical applications. Liposome has shown specific potentials to deliver anti-sense molecules, ribosomes, proteins, peptides, and DNA intracellularly; liposome can promote targeting the particular disease site; liposome-based drugs have shown to be with reduced toxicity and enhanced efficacy.

Creative Biostructure is more than happy to be your parter specialized in the field of liposome and willing to provide the first-class Mempro™ liposome services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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