Custom MemPro™ Transporter Services

Creative Biostructure has accumulated a wealth of experience in studying the structures and functions of transporters. Creative Biostructure experts provide MemPro™ services for the construction, expression, purification, crystallization, data collection and structure determination of the transporters with further drug design and functional analysis.

About one-third of the membrane proteins are transporters. Ubiquitous membrane phenomena in bacteria and vertebrates are essentially the same, and it includes membrane biogenesis, lipid biosynthesis, protein insertion, fluidity determination and molecular transport. Understanding of their functions depends on the structural information, biosynthetic rules governing the overall biogenesis, folding and assembly as well as the principles behind the transient interactions between ‘soluble’ or in-transit proteins with membranes of different lipid compositions.

Custom MemPro? Transporter Services
Transporters (carrier proteins)

Membrane transports play crucial roles in all biological processes: e.g., nutrient uptakes, drug and toxin efflux, establishment of electrochemical gradients, metabolite excretion and intercellular communication. All these activities are dependent on lipid–protein interactions. However, such effectiveness can turn out to be harmful: an example is seen in the emergence of multi-drug resistant pathogenic microbe strains caused by the excessive use of antibiotics in medicine and the meat processing industry. Therefore, it is very important to understand the nature of the lipid-dependent transporters.

The structure of full-length human GLUT1 containing two point mutations (N45T, E329Q)

Transporters associated with various multi-drug resistant pathogens and diseases could be studied computationally and specifically targeted during drug design. The simple fact that 10% of a proteome could be transport proteins suggests their important functions. The current opinion believes these proteins exist only in a membrane-integrated state. Limited evidence, however, suggests that these proteins can exist in properly folded and near-native ‘soluble’ states, whose properties are still being studied by structural biology approaches.

Transporters has drawn increasing attention on studying their functions and structures since they play indispensable roles in various biological processes. Creative Biostructure provides comprehensive MemPro™ Transporter Structure-Function Services to meet your needs.

Guaranteed high-quality services:

  • Quick assessment and optimization of targets for construction, high level expression, stability and crystallizability.
  • Panel of purified protein assays to facilitate crystallization, crystal optimization and structure determination.
  • Customized screening methods.
  • High QA/QC standards.
  • Data reporting: receive complete standard or customized reports for seamless integration into in-house databases.
  • Functional screening: follow ups on hits in any transporters function assays.

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