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Creative Biostructure has developed custom MemPro™ gene-to-structure services for Peptidase MA in the protein expression, purification, structure determination and functional analysis.

Metallopeptidases belong to hydrolases, of which the enzymatic mechanism is the nucleophilic attack on a peptide bond mediated by a water molecule. Depending on the number of metalions required for the catalysis, metallopeptidases can be mainly divided into two groups: one group employs only one metal ion for catalysis, while the other group, namely Peptidase MA, needs to coordinate two metal ions. The upper-case letters in the name of a peptidase suggest the catalytic types: “M” represents for metallo-type, A for aspartic-type, S for serine-type, T for threonine-type, C for cysteine-type, and U for unknown type.

Peptidase MA clan is one of the two zinc-dependent metallopeptidases, containing the HEXXH motif with the two His residues as zinc ligands. Generally, a metal ion is coordinated via three ligands. The peptidase MA clan to be further divided into two subclans based on the third ligand types:1) subclan MA(E), also known as the ‘Glu-zincins’, employing a glutamate residue as the third ligand; 2) subclan MA(M), also known as the ‘Met-zincins’, employing histidine or aspartate.

Custom MemPro? Peptidase MA Services

Structures have been solved for several families of the peptidase MA clan, showing the active sites located between the two conserved domains (e.g., the HEXXH motif-containing N-terminal domain is highly conserved among the peptidases). Information of known families in the peptidase MA clan is listed below. Creative Biostructure can also determine the unknown structures of peptidases with/without the inhibitors co-crystallized, based on X-ray crystallography method and known homologs.

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Family Family Type
Structure known Family Family Type Peptidase Structure known Family Family Type
Structure known
M35 deuterolysin Yes M85 NleC peptidase - M57 prtB g.p. -
M01 aminopeptidase N Yes M90 MtfA peptidase Yes M64 IgA peptidase -
M02 angiotensin-converting enzyme peptidase unit 1 Yes >M91 NleD peptidase - M66 StcE peptidase -
M03 thimet oligopeptidase Yes M93 BACCAC_01431 g.p. - M72 peptidyl-Asp metallopeptidase -
M04 thermolysin Yes M98 YghJ g.p. - M80 Wss1 peptidase -
M05 mycolysin - M06 immune inhibitor A peptidase - M84 MpriBi peptidase -
M09 bacterial collagenase V Yes M07 snapalysin Yes M97 EcxAB peptidase -
M13 neprilysin Yes M08 leishmanolysin Yes M78 ImmA peptidase -
M26 IgA1-specific metallopeptidase - M10 matrix metallopeptidase-1 Yes M36 fungalysin -
M27 tentoxilysin Yes M11 gametolysin - M41 FtsH peptidase Yes
M30 hyicolysin - M12 astacin Yes M48 Ste24 peptidase Yes
M32 carboxypeptidase Taq Yes M43 cytophagalysin Yes M49 dipeptidyl-peptidase III Yes
M34 anthrax lethal factor Yes M54 archaelysin - M56 BlaR1 peptidase -
M60 enhancin - M61 glycyl aminopeptidase - M76 Atp23 peptidase -
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