Custom MemPro™ Leucine Rich Repeat (LRR)-Containing Membrane Proteins Services

Creative Biostructure provides custom MemPro™ gene-to-structure services for LRR-containing membrane proteins. Experts from Creative Biostructure serve our customers with tools and approaches for the production, characterization and crystallization of membrane proteins.

Custom MemPro™ Leucine Rich Repeat (LRR)-Containing Membrane Proteins Services de Wit et al., 2011. Role of leucine-rich repeat proteins in the development and function of neural circuits. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol. 27:697-729.

LRR-containing transmembrane proteins are important for the regulation of protein-protein interactions found in innate immunity and nervous system development. The LRR region with a length of 20 to 30 amino acids is one of the most frequent amino acid repeats across species. LRR motifs are identical in the extracellular domains of membrane proteins and in secreted proteins associated with ligand-receptor binding or cell adhesion. The structures and lengths of LRR domains determine the various architectures for different protein-ligand interactions. Creative Biostructure offers you production, computational modeling and structural determination of LRR-containing transmembrane proteins, depending on the needs of customers.

Creative Biostructure can provide custom MemPro™ gene-to-structure services for membrane proteins.

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