Custom MemPro™ Immunoglobulin Superfamily Services

Creative Biostructure provides custom MemPro™ gene-to-structure services for Immunoglobulin Superfamily (IgSF).

Custom MemPro™ Immunoglobulin Superfamily Services

IgSF proteins with immunoglobulin-like regions are those associated with cell surface recognition. This large family consists of immunoglobulins, major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and II molecules, some cell adhesion molecules, proteins of the T cell receptor complex and cytokine receptors. IgSF proteins usually have 70-110 amino acids and more than 765 members have been identified based on their sizes and functions. Most of them (i.e., cell surface antigen receptors) are type I transmembrane proteins with extracellular domains, transmembrane (TM) domains and cytoplasmic tails. Calcium-independent transmembrane glycoproteins are one large group of IgSF playing a role in many different biological processes.

Creative Biostructure can provide custom MemPro™ membrane protein gene-to-structure services.

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