Lysolipid Thermally Sensitive Liposomes Production

Creative Biostructure is one of the experts for liposome manufacture. We expect cooperating with worldwide scientists on the development of drug delivery system. Depending on our extraordinary technologies, lots of novel liposomes can be studied and developed. We have paid close attention to advanced technologies and built lysolipid thermally sensitive liposomes platform to allow for site-specific and fast drug release at the sites of elevated temperature.

How Thermally Sensitive Liposomes Work

Thermosensitive liposomes (TSL) are promising tools used to deliver drugs to targeted region when local hyperthermia is applied (∼40–42°C) which triggers the membrane phase transformation from a solid gel-like state to a highly permeable liquid state. Selective lipid components have been used to in TSL formulations to increase plasma stability before hyperthermia and speed drug release rate after. Two generations of TSL technology have been developed. The traditional thermal sensitive liposomes (TTSL) have utilized DPPC and DSPC as a combination. The second generation, lysolipid thermally sensitive liposomes (LTSL) technology, has been developed with incorporation of lysolipids that form stabilized defects at phase transition temperature. LTSL maintains certain favorable attributes:

  • High percentage of lysolipids incorporation;
  • Minimum leakage for therapeutical drugs encapsulation;
  • Ultrafast drug release upon heating (3.5 times enhanced compared to TTSL). For example, ThermoDox, a commonly used LTSL drug for cancer, has been reported to release 100% of the encapsulated doxorubicin within 30s;
  • First and most successful formulation for intravascular drug release.

Lysolipid Thermally Sensitive Liposomes ProductionFigure 1. Intravascular drug release is achievable by thermosensitive liposomes. (International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2014)

Thermally Sensitive Liposomes Applications

TSL has wide applications for site-specific chemotherapy with its greater spatial and temporal control of drug release. It also has the potential to be developed to for any precise treatment needed both in intravascular and extravascular triggered release.

We provide following services:

  • Membrane properties optimization (e.g. size, stability, circulation time, responsiveness to temperature)
  • Liposome Tm measurement
  • Release kinetics progressive heating assay
  • Direct heating assay

Nowadays, more and more research focuses on the development of new drug delivery system. To facilitate such effort, Creative Biostructure provides top service rely on the up-to-date technologies. Please contact us for more information.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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