Liposome Applications

Creative Biostructure established an advanced and novel Liposomes Platform to faciliate research in membrane proteins and other scientific fields. Liposomes are considered as a promising technology for a variety of pharmaceutical and industrial applications since they are amphiphilic carriers open to modifications with different functional properties.

Schematic diagram of three different types of drug delivery systems based on liposomes: (A) Charge and polymer stabiilliized liposome, (B) Targeted liposome, and (C) Theranostic liposome. (D. Lombardo, et al., 2016) Figure 1. Schematic diagram of three different types of drug delivery systems based on liposomes: (A) Charge and polymer stabilized liposome, (B) Targeted liposome, and (C) Theranostic liposome. (D. Lombardo, et al., 2016)

  • Mempro™ Liposome in Food Industry
    Food ingredients can be encapsulated in liposomes to improve their stability against degradation. Liposomes are much smaller than other kinds of encapsulation systems. Therefore, they can reach a much higher level of dispersion. Moreover, liposomes are safer and more stable than most other vesicles.
  • Mempro™ Liposome in Cosmetics
    Liposome is biologically compatible with human skin and has been applied as a powerful tool in various cosmetic technologies. Liposomes can capture and deliver active cosmetic ingredients through layers of the skin right down to the cellular level. Liposomal cosmetics contain various entrapments such as moisturizers, extracts, antibiotics, and functional peptides/proteins in a broad range from creams and gels to ointments.
  • Mempro™ Liposome in Gene Therapy
    Nucleic acids can also be packaged into liposomes to improve the delivery of both DNA and siRNA. Cationic liposomal formulations greatly facilitate the functional delivery into cells while liposomes interact with the negative charged nucleic acids. As an example, the novel "wrapped liposomes" was created for development of gene therapy.
  • Mempro™ Liposome in Drug Delivery
    Liposomes have been a promising tool to deliver drugs through cell membranes, and they assist drugs to target specific disease sites. Drugs encapsulated in liposomes have also been characterized with decreased toxicity and increased efficacy.
  • Mempro™ Liposome in Cancer Therapy
    Mempro™ Liposome platform provides effective solutions especially for cancer therapy because of its unparalleled properties. Small and stable liposomes precisely target tumors since they circulate longer and pass across vessel walls into surrounding tissues by enhanced vascular permeability, therefore improving anticancer therapy.
  • Mempro™ Liposome in Agricultural Industry
    Besides the common applications in medicine and pharmacy, liposomes have also been applied as a valuable tool in various non-food agricultural systems such as pesticide, toxin attack, and veterinary applications.

In addition to the highlights above, liposomes are also introduced into other applications:

Our experienced scientific team and advanced facilities make Creative Biostructure a leader in liposome research and preparation. We are capable of applying the advanced Liposomes Tehnology in various commercial or industrial processes. Creative Biostructure is happy to be your reliable partner to provide comprehensive products and services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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Ordering Process


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