Protein Crystallization Tools

Protein Crystallization Tools

Creative Biostructure provides the most qualified crystal growing, handling and seeding tools for our customers.

These tools are designed to be versatile as well as useful for specific crystallization manipulations. For example, the Micro-scale from Micro-tools set is very useful for measuring crystal dimensions as well as serving as a way to record the dimensions by photography for reference or publication.

Tools & Seeding


Micro-Crystal Cutting Knife

  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Soft grip barrel
  • Safety cap for blade

Micro-Tools Set

  • Made from chemical-resistant hardened tool steel
  • Set includes wooden storage case
  • Interchangeable tools tips

CB Crystal Probe

  • Stainless steel probe with plastic handle

Crystal Pencil

  • Include plastic storage case

Crystal Crusher

  • Solid, borosilicate glass tool and handle
  • Prepare micro crystals for seed stock for Microseed Matrix Screening (MMS)
  • Smooth, hemispherical tip, will not damage crystallization plate

Seed Bead

  • Easily generate consistent seed stocks
  • Use serial dilution to control the number of seeds introduced into the drop
  • Microseed matrix screening (MMS) seed stock

Tungsten Carbide Scribe

  • Machined, lightweight aluminum handle
  • Diamond knurling for comfortable and sure grip
  • Pocket clip and protective plastic cap
  • Replaceable tungsten carbide scribe tip

Our tool sets are the smallest precision instruments for scientific research work. These tools are realistically proportioned both for macromolecule and small molecule crystallization experiments. They are easy to be maintained for reuse in the future.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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