Protein Crystallization Kits

Creative Biostructure helps you to achieve superior results in protein crystallization with our high-quality crystallization kits. Our kits are well designed and qualified to help researchers determine the optimal conditions for growing protein crystals and make your crystals reliable and repeatable.

While crystallization historically predates crystallography, it is a critical step for the crystallographic process. The importance of structural biology is without question. In the half century since the first myoglobin structure was published, 100,000 structures of biological macromolecules and macromolecular assemblies have been made available via the Protein Data Bank. Most of these have been determined by X-ray crystallography, a technique that relies on the work of many of the pioneers in diffraction.

In the majority of cases, the primary goal for growing protein crystals is for X-ray structure determination; extensive efforts have been invested in this process. There are many things to consider when growing protein crystals: the protein sample itself, the purity, the solubility and the stability are amongst the key considerations.

Creative Biostructure's wide range of protein crystallization technologies delivers:

Variety of proven precipitants A rapid and simplified screening with a wide range
High-purity and individual solutions and reagents Ensures reliable, reproducible results and simplifies scale-up of crystallization following determination of optimal conditions
Favorable crystallization conditions The timing of crystallization can be controlled by the amount of protein solution, and the concentration of protein and precipitant solution.
Long-term stability of crystals Makes it easy to soak crystals with another compound, such as a ligand or cryoprotectant.
Membrane protein crystallization Phase separation due to concentrated detergent in the solution does not occur.
Sterile solutions Avoids waste of precious sample
Conveniently-packaged ready-made solutions Reduces waste and allows easy handling

Creative Biostructure provides different kinds of protein crystallization kits for your multiple demands. Each kit includes a combination of high-purity buffers, salts, and precipitants which allows the exploration of salting-out, salting-in, cryo-resistance, or micelle-mediated crystallization of proteins. Our optimized protocols can help you to simplify and refine the initial macromolecular crystals screening and growing. You can now achieve reliable results with a minimum investment of time, effort, and your precious samples.

Creative Biostructure provides full range of crystallization products for X-ray crystallogarphy research and membrane proteins studies. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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Ordering Process

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