Membrane Protein Crystallization Kits

The Creative Biostructure’s Basic Crystallization Kit for membrane proteins is a rapid and highly efficient screening tool to determine the best conditions for crystallization of hydrophobic macromolecules (primarily membrane proteins) in an empirical way. Based on known or published data for various proteins, broad ranges of buffers, pH, and precipitants in combination with a micelle-forming detergent are explored, using the sparse matrix method with a minimal amount of proteins.

Membrane Protein Crystallization Kits

Kit Components


Clear sealing tape

1 pack

Solubilization Buffer

2 aliquots of 0.5 ml per protein

Crystallization Reagent A


Crystallization Reagent B


24 Wells Crystal Plate A


50 Wells Crystal Plate B


A user handbook


The crystallization principle of the membrane protein crystallization kit is to shield the hydrophilic, charged parts of the macromolecules by the binding of the detergent to hydrophobic areas, which causes the solubility to decrease. Detergent mediated contacts then lead to precipitation or crystallization of the screening molecules.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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