UniCrys™ Crystallization Plates

Creative Biostructure is specialized in providing high-quality UniCrys™ protein crystallization kits for hanging drop, sitting drop, microdialysis, microbatch, free interface diffusion, gel and containerless techniques.

UniCrys? Crystallization Plates

√ 24 Well Crystallization Plates
√ 48 Well Crystallization Plates
√ 96 Well Crystallization Plates
√ LCP(Lipidic cubic phase) Glass Sandwich Set

Our UniCrys™ crystallization plates are highly easy-operated and efficient for hanging-drop, sitting-drop, vapor diffusion and dialysis crystallization. These stackable plates are designed with raised covers (for cover slides) and flat bottoms (for exceptional optics). Each well can be sealed tightly to avoid cross contamination.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.