Protein Crystallization Starter Kits

The Creative Biostructure's Protein Crystallography Starter Kit (PCSK) can help you to mount and collect X-ray data from your crystals at both room and cryo temperatures. This starter kit is a perfect training tool for new school students and technicians.

Protein Crystallization Starter Kits

Kit Components Additional Required Material not Included in the Kit
24-well Super Clear plates Pipettes with volumes of 1-500 µl
1 syringe with 5 ml silicone grease Accompanying pipette tips
100 cover slides Deionized water
1 microscope slide Tweezers
20 ml of 20% (m/v) NaCl solution Temperature-controlled room (20–22 °C)
3 ml each of 250 mM Na-acetate buffer pH 4.0~5.2 Microscope
200 µl lysozyme solution (20 mg/ml) in water  
8 ml precipitant solution for batch-crystallization
(30% (m/v) PEG 5000-MME, 1 M NaCl, 50 mM Na-acetate pH 4.4)
A user handbook  

This PCSK can introduce students and technicians to the field of protein crystallization technology. It contains all the materials you need to start growing a great looking crystal – It’s a real highlight in biochemistry courses.

There are two different experiments can be carried out by using this PCSK:
1. Growing crystals using the hanging drop method, demonstrating the dependence of crystal formation and crystal growth.
2. Growing crystals within minutes using the batch crystallization method.

The protein crystallization starter kit also contains two crystallization plates: cover slides and a microscope slide, a syringe pre-filled with sealing grease, all necessary buffer and salt stock solutions and a small tube containing pre-filtered lysozyme solution.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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