Primary Crystallization Kits

The Creative Biostructure’s primary crystallization kit is a rapid, practical, and efficient screening tool in protein crystallography. It is designed for screening of initial crystallization conditions for proteins, nucleic acids, peptides, and macromolecular complexes, in order to grow single crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction analysis. Based on known and published data for various proteins, the primary crystallization kit uses a sparse matrix method and a minimal amount of protein sample to explore a broad range of buffers, concentration, pH, and precipitants (Jancarik, J. and Kim, 1991).

Primary Crystallization Kits
Kit Components Additional Required Material not Included in the Kit
24-well Super Clear plates (×4) Pipettes with volumes of 1-500 µl
100 cover slides (siliconized) Accompanying pipette tips
1 microscope slide Deionized water
96 unique screening conditions, 1.7 ml each Tweezers
A User Handbook  

Each screening kit consists more than 40 different crystallization conditions. 10 mL of each compound is included in the kit; meanwhile, individual compounds are available in 100 mL package size.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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