Discovery Program for Ion Channel Targets

Discovery Program for Ion Channel Targets

Creative Biostructure has established a magic ion channel targeted discovery platform to provide comprehensive products and services to accelerate your research for novel drug discovery and safety pharmacology. Ion channel is pore-forming membrane protein that facilitate ions to pass through the plasma membrane, playing crucial roles in the physiology of all kinds of cells.

Functions of Ion Channels

Functions of Ion Channels

Ion Channel Classification

Ion channel have been identified into various types by gating mechanism or ion selectivity.

Different Ion Channel Gating TypesFigure 1. Different Ion Channel Gating Types

Creative Biostructure has focused on the research & development areas such as production and crystallization of ion channel, construction of ion channel library, screening and profiling of ion channel, and novel ion channel hit discovery.

Ion Channel Products

As the world-leading membrane protein company, Creative Biostructure offers comprehensive solutions for studying ion channels including:

1. More than 400 full length native or tagged human cDNA clones;
2. shRNA targeting more than 400 human ion channels;
3. High-quality functional ion channels expression;
4. GPCRs incorporated into liposome, virus-like particles and nanodiscs.

Ion Channel Screening

Based on our electrophysiology platforms, Creative Biostructure provides ion channel screening services including:

1. Compound Screening;
2. Cell Line Optimization;
3. Ion Channel Library;
4. Assay Development;
5. HITs Identification;
6. Clinical Candidate Nomination;
7. Target Assessment.

Ion Channel Analysis

Creative Biostructure offers a wide variety of ion channel assays for drug/antibody discovery and development to our worldwide clients.

1. Mechanism of action;
2. Kinetics of modulation;
3. Site of compound interaction;
4. State-dependence;
5. Single channel analysis.

Why Creative Biostructure

1. Better understanding of drug/antibody discovery of Ion channels;
2. Fully customized service;
3. Comprehensive testing panels;
4. Time-Efficient;
5. Best Price.

Screening & Identification of the target specificity is an essential step in drug discovery process against ion channels. Creative Biostructure provides the largest collection of proven assays for ion channel screening. We are specialized in providing functional, manual and automated screening for ion channel targets to discover novel drugs and antibodies in therapeutic area.

Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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