Discovery Program for GPCR Targets

Discovery Program for GPCR Targets

Creative Biostructure has established a strategic and unparalleled GPCR targeted discovery platform since GPCRs have great potentials in drug research and development.

GPCR Preparation

It is extremely difficult to isolate and crystallize GPCRs in their native conformation and function because of their size and high lipophilicity. Creative Biostructure is able to deliver GPCRs by various expression systems and in different formation, with these following advantages:
1. High functional expression;
2. Native lipid environment;
3. High stability;
4. Available in bulk quantities;
5. Rapid turnaround time.

GPCR Screening

Creative Biostructure provides high-throughput GPCR screening service to identify the potential GPCR targeted drugs. We have made following developments:
1. Quick assessment and optimization;
2. Comprehensive services of more than 500 binding and functional GPCR assays;
3. Multiple functional readouts;
4. Flexible panel size;
5. Accurate and reproducible data.

GPCR Drug & Antibody Discovery

Creative Biostructure has established the robust and reliable high throughput platform to produce high-quality GPCR targeted monoclonal antibody by our advanced proteoliposome reconstitution system. Our services include generating conformationally-sensitive antibodies, therapeutic antibodies, and target validation.

Why Creative Biostructure

  1. Better understanding of drug discovery of GPCRs;
  2. Deliver custom GPCR service;
  3. Comprehensive GPCR portfolio;
  4. Characterize the relationship between function and receptor binding;
  5. Rich-experienced technical support teams.

Creative Biostructure will partner with you to rapidly optimize your research project and provide custom solutions for your special GPCR targets. We believe that our advanced and unparalleled GPCR discovery platform can address this significant opportunity for the generation of therapeutic antibodies and drugs targeting GPCRs.

Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process


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