Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Production

Creative Biostructure has established an advanced and leading platform to provide custom Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) production services. This platform is based on our outstanding research team and our rich experience in VLPs production through these years, therefore, we assure you the first-class services and high-quality products.

Table 1. Advantages and disadvantages for different VLPs production expression systems. (Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2014)
Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Production  

The appropriate choice of expression systems is one of the determinant factors in VLPs production, Creative Biostructure can perform VLPs Production by five following expression systems:

 • Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Production in Bacterial Cells System
Bacterial cells system is the mostly used expression system for VLPs production. This system is based on our well-characterized commercial Escherichia coli (E. coli) strains. Bacterial cells system can not only conduct high-yield VLPs production with low cost, but also scale up easily. The mainly disadvantage of bacterial cells system is inability to preform post-translational modifications to recombinant proteins.

• Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Production in Mammalian Cells System
VLPs have shown good potential for vaccine and gene therapy development in humans. Mammalian cells system has several advantages in VLPs production. Compare with other expression systems, mammalian cells system can not only increase the manufacture flexibility and consistency but also recover the native specific glycosylation properly. Creative Biostructure can deliver custom VLPs production (especially for Influenza Virus) by a broad range of mammalian cells including Vero and MDCK cells.

Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Production in Yeast Cells System
Mempro™ VLPs production in yeast cells system can achieve high-yield VLPs in high-speed manufacture. Compare with E. coli expression systems, yeast cells such as Hansenula and Pichia strains are more complicated because they can select stable recombinants which contain the genome-integrated transgene. Creative Biostructure can also introduce post-translational modifications (glycosylation and phosphorylation) to custom VLPs produced in our yeast cells system.

Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Production in Insect Cells System
Insect cells system is another widely used system for Mempro™ VLPs production with following advantages: the fast growth rates, capacity for easily scale-up, and the ability of post-translational modification. As Table 1 shows, insect cells system can produce VLPs with high complexity while the production yield is not that high. Creative Biostructure has modified the baculoviruses to facilitate expression of the foreign viral protein in VLPs production.

• Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Production in Plant Cells System
Plant cells system is another attractive system especially aiming at VLPs vaccine production. Mempro™ VLPs in plant cells system is able to keep the manufacture process at low cost, assure the proper post-translational modification and assembly, and decrease the risk of introducing adventitious human pathogens.

We offer various Mempro™ Virus-like Particles (VLPs) Production services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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